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Welcome to the National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers

The MMPC is a National Institutes of Health-sponsored resource that provides experimental testing services to scientists studying diabetes, obesity, diabetic complications, and other metabolic diseases in mice.
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In order to streamline the order process, the MMPC’s have now adopted an electronic Conditions of Use statement
procedure to replace the Materials and Transfer Agreement paper process
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New Publications

HuR expression in adipose tissue mediates energy expenditure and acute thermogenesis independent of UCP1 expression.
Authors: Anthony SR, Guarnieri A, Lanzillotta L, Gozdiff A, Green LC, O'Grady K, Helsley RN, Owens Iii AP, Tranter M
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Nuclear envelope-vacuole contacts mitigate nuclear pore complex assembly stress.
Authors: Lord CL, Wente SR
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A zebrafish functional genomics model to investigate the role of human A20 variants in vivo.
Authors: Cultrone D, Zammit NW, Self E, Postert B, Han JZR, Bailey J, Warren J, Croucher DR, Kikuchi K, Bogdanovic O, Chtanova T, Hesselson D, Grey ST
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Muscle-Specific Insulin Receptor Overexpression Protects Mice From Diet-Induced Glucose Intolerance but Leads to Postreceptor Insulin Resistance.
Authors: Wang G, Yu Y, Cai W, Batista TM, Suk S, Noh HL, Hirshman M, Nigro P, Li ME, Softic S, Goodyear L, Kim JK, Kahn CR
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Increased canonical NF-kappaB signaling specifically in macrophages is sufficient to limit tumor progression in syngeneic murine models of ovarian cancer.
Authors: Hoover AA, Hufnagel DH, Harris W, Bullock K, Glass EB, Liu E, Barham W, Crispens MA, Khabele D, Giorgio TD, Wilson AJ, Yull FE
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